TikTok United States of America is about to come with a major update

TikTok is about to come up with is biggest update so far. This update is going to affect millions of its user.

TikTok is about to launch a ten minute video feature for all its users.

Parent company of TikTok announced a major update for its users

With this new 10 minute video feature Tiktok will be able to boost brand presence on its platform.

10 min TikTok videos will boost brand presence on TikTok

This 10 min TikTok video feature will boost content quality on TikTok and will give creators more options on this platform.

10 min TikTok videos will boost content quality.

According to experts with this new 10 min TikTok video influencer marketing will touch a new and will draw more creators from other platforms as well

Influencer Marketing will touch a new high 

It is very common that with this new feature more creator will switch to TikTok and TikTok won't be limited to micro content site

More creators will switch to TikTok