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5 things a DSLR still does better than an iPhone

DSLRs are becoming niche, but they're far from irrelevant

Does buying a DSLR camera make sense in 2022? If you’re still shooting all your photos and videos on an iPhone, the answer might be yes.

DSLRs can now be realistically considered a legacy camera category, with only a handful of companies selling new models and smaller mirrorless cameras now being the more popular choice among new buyers.

But DSLRs do also represent a cheap way to get your hands on a camera with interchangeable lenses and a viewfinder 

And most importantly, they still do a lot of things better than an iPhone when it comes to photography. 

We’ve picked out five key areas where DSLRs still trump smartphones ..

1]Optical zoom 2]Dynamic range and low-light performance 3]Shooting in bright light 4]Handling and ergonomics 5]Capturing fast-paced action..