Garena Free  fire

Are you struggling to go from a beginner to a Free Fire pro?

 5 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Success

The problem is these diamonds don’t come free. You have to use real money to boost your in-game currency balance.

Spend your diamonds wisely

Flight Path

It’s important to carefully pick the weapons you will take into battle. Forget about if they look pretty or not. It’s all about their characteristics and abilities.

Pick your weapons

Looting is a key component when playing Free Fire. With that said, it’s essential you don’t do this with reckless abandon.

Loot with caution

The treehouse fortress is another base idea for less experienced players of Minecraft.

Use aim precision

A strong strategy is necessary to win in Free Fire. One tactic to utilize is to keep your movements unpredictable.

Move randomly

Unlike most people recommending claw control for playing, we believe that claw control will be more difficult for novice players.

Don’t go for claw control