7 Dolby Atmos soundbar tips

If you do opt to spend extra to buy a Dolby Atmos soundbar, you’ll need to take greater care in setting it up than you would with a basic one. 

Follow these steps for the ultimate Atmos soundbar experience

An Atmos soundbar needs to be arranged so that its upward-firing drivers aren’t bouncing sound off any surfaces other than your room’s ceiling.

Placement is primary

You can get a great experience with a 3.1.2 soundbar alone, adding surround speakers is a perfect upgrade option when – and if – you have the cash for it. 

Yes to surround speakers

Use the auto-calibration mode

The auto-calibration is easy to access and run, and the sound quality benefits it brings makes the feature well worth checking out.

It’s important to check that your TV’s audio output settings are configured properly. A.

Make the right connections

Put the subwoofer in the right spot

The best location for a soundbar’s subwoofer will be generally be right next to the soundbar and TV

There are plenty of different cabling options when it comes to the world of audio. 

Use Higher Quality Cables