Intel’s 12th Gen CPU can’t handle the Bar exam

Law students getting ready to take the Bar exam digitally may run into a serious issue.

One of the nation’s most frequently-used test-taking software packages, Examplify, is incompatible with Intel’s latest generation of processors..

In a notice to users, ExamSoft, the company that owns Examplify, writes that 12th Gen Intel processors aren’t compatible with its software

“New Windows devices containing the Int 12th generation chipset are triggering Examplify’s automatic virtual machine check,” Examplify’s notice reads. “These are NOT currently supported.

Therefore, they cannot be used for the upcoming July 2022 bar exam.” One user drew attention to the issue in a post on Twitter, and included a screencap of what appears to be a notice given to Bar applicants.

Examplify’s minimum system requirements page confirms that “laptops with an Intel 12 Gen processor are currently not supported.” It’s unclear when that information was added, but it wouldn’t have been much of a warning even if it came months ago