What Does It Mean When Your Amazon Echo Blinks Blue, Green, Yellow and More?

You know the drill: You call out to Alexa and the light on your device turns blue, swirling around as Alexa processes your voice command. You know that blue color signals that Alexa is listening.

But what does it mean when the light blinks yellow? Or green? Or swirls white or alternates blue and cyan?

No matter if you have an original Amazon Echo smart speaker or one of the many newer Amazon products ..

Such as the Echo Dot, the fourth-gen Echo, the Echo Plus, and even in some cases the Echo Show, you have probably noticed your Amazon device flashing a bright color at some point

One of the most unique design characteristics of Amazon's smart gadgets is the light ring -- or in the case of Echo Show smart displays, the light bar.

In the simplest explanation, your light ring or light bar serves as a status indicator and a notification light for all kinds of information. This means with each color, Alexa is trying to tell you something.