ColorOS 12 update is live now, Check ColorOS 12 features

Android is growing at a very high pace and so is the masks that provide the latest android support to the users. Android 12 is currently one of the major factors in the new devices in the smartphone market and most smartphone companies are trying to capitalize on it by providing the latest Android support. ColorOS is a similar mask made by mobile manufacturer OPPO to provide Android support to its users. The latest ColorOS update from OPPO is ColorOS 12 which will provide support to Android 12 to the new, upcoming and current devices by the OPPO. ColorOS 12 update was launched on Oct 2021 but most of the devices then were not compatible with this update in India.

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ColorOS 12 update is launched with enhancing privacy control to users, new design of the interface, new tools like Omoji and other interesting ColorOS 12 features that we will cover in this port.

ColorOS 12 release date

ColorOS 12 update was first introduced to the Indian users on 11 Oct 2021. Due to the pandemic situation all over the world, the unveiling was done through an online event on YouTube. OPPO is claiming that this new ColorOS12 will give more control to the users and it has new software advancements which will increase user experience.

ColorOS 12 stable update

After the launch of the latest ColorOS it was in beta testing and many features were not available while in the beta test but not the stable update of the ColorOS is live. All of the features of the latest OS from OPPO are available for the users. U can now download the stable update of ColorOS 12 in your smartphone devices. Following are the steps that will help you in downloading the latest ColorOS version.

  • Open yur device and go to the “Settings”.
  • Search for “Software Update in your device and Tap on it.
  • Go on the cogwheel symbol shown on the top of the screen.
  • Select ColorOS version whcih you want to download in your device,
  • Your device will be updated soon to ColorOS 12.

ColorOS 12 Features list

New ColorOS 12 update is looking full pack and it is providing lot o features that are seen by OPPO users ever before, these new ColorOS 12 features include new Omojis, 3D icons, more privacy controls for users, new design of the interface, performance improvements for better gaming and normal functionality of the device, and many other.

New User Interface, New design

  • The latest ColorOS update is providing wide support to 67 different languages and the UI is adaptable to all the languages.
  • ColorOS 12 supports 13 different Indian languages. The Indian language support was enhanced by experts to provide better UI accurate texts.
  • ColorOS 12 update support 3D icons which will be fun to use and OPPO worked on light and shadow elements of the 3D icons to give a betetr feel to the users.
  • The icons in the new update are looking more separated and are looking better on the screen.
  • ColorOS 12 Omoji is a new feature and will be appreciated by the OPPO users. It uses a advanced algorithm with 77 facial points and 200+ stylistic elements to make Omoji in real time. These are made to look more like the user.

Connectivity support

ColorOS 12 will give boost to PC connect as it is becoming popular among the users with a set of devices, and PC OS giants like APple and Microsoft are already focusing on it. This feature was made for the working professionals initially so that they do not have lt of issue in transferring file between devices or accessing files from more than one device. But due to lockdown this feature was used and loved by students, professionals and others when they were at their home. So, ColorOS will also try to enhance this feature for its users.

If you want to new device then you can import all of your previous settings from the device and your device will have everything in your new device.

Near by share was already in use from many previous versions.

Privacy Features

  • ColorOS 12 update will support a privacy dashboard which will keep tarck of every permission an app is using in your device. This will help you in monitoring which apps are using unnecessary features.
  • Mic and Camera access will be given a priority, When an app will try to use your Mic or Camera you will see an icon in your screen which will help you monitor if your camera or Mic is being used unneccesary.
  • You will control which apps can send you notification and this will help you in getting rid of unnecessary notifications.
  • Oppo is claiming that the data n your device will be more secure with their new OS.
  • Oppo is using a feature of approximate sharing, which stops apps from taking your precise location withour your choice.
  • ColorOS 12 update will use Anti-peeping notifications for your device, which means it will use AI to check if anyone else is watching your screen.
  • SOS is more accessible.

Gaming and Sound

  • This OS will support enhanced gaming feature. It will come with General Performance Adapter for a better gamepley experience, it will regulate the phone’s workload to maximize the framerate.
  • Pro gamer mode will have a Ultra touch response which will help players in competitive gameplay.
  • Real HD sound 3.0 will be used in colorOS 12 to provide better sound support for the gamers and while binge watching, now you can hear the slightest footstep while playing games like Pubg and Fortnite on your device.

Basic Features

  • This OS will support one touch power saving. It will help your device for a better battery backup until next charge.
  • When apps will use more than power more than normal you will get an notification for the same.
  • RAM expenssion feature will help you enhance your RAM while use. This will yuse extra space in your device as an extra RAM. Maybe like Virtual Memory in computers.
  • Battery Dashboard which will help you monitor what apps are using most of your battery.
  • AI Booster system will help you boost your performance by giving priority to the apps which are currently in use.
  • Sidebar screen translate will help ypu translate any foreign language in a single tap.
  • Adaptive sleep feature will help your device to stay awake by using a facial recognition feature. no need of manual refreshing.
  • Better media player for the users.
  • Bubble animation support will help you to reply to the conversation and will save your time of opening the apps.
  • Text zoom will be helpful to zoom the text send to you.

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