Microsoft Alert about Money Stealing Malware

Microsoft Defender recently hosted a press on its official portal, and a shocking revelation came out from Microsoft. Microsoft alerted everyone about malware that can affect android mobile devices and cause you a loss of money.

Microsoft Alert! Malware that can steal money from Android.

Microsoft alerted about the security concerns about the android security system. According to Microsoft data security system of Android is very fragile. Microsoft informed the android users that this malware could affect several most-used apps on their mobile phones and can steal money from them.

Microsoft guided users should check the credibility of the app and not download apps from third-party stores that can host malicious apps. These malicious apps can affect your device.

Microsoft informed users that while downloading an app do not just download by reading the comments but also check for the publisher and authentication seals from companies like Google.

How does this malware work?

According to reports, this virus works through the Wireless Application Protocol or APL. Currently, this is the most advanced way to create viruses. This malware has the capability to hide under apps that ask users for different kinds of permissions. The permissions you allow for the apps and the terms and conditions you agree to while using the app can be used as a way to access your information.

If your device gets affected by this kind of malware. Hackers will first block your access to the messages. You will not receive any kind of messages then hackers will use your accounts to spend money from your connected cards on your device. This way they can spend a lot of money from your decards and you will not have any information about it.

As the messages are blocked you will hardly know about any irregularity. At the time you will get to know about this hack. You might be at a loss of thousands or even more. This money will be used to buy digital services and you will not suspect that you are paying for something that you do not need.

Few Steps to Prevent Yourself From these hacks

  • Remove your cards from your device. This is the best way to avoid such kind of hack. Even if your device is hacked, hackers will not be able to steal your money as they will not find any card attached to your device.
  • While downloading an app make sure the app has a credible number of downloads and you can easily find this app on more than one app store.
  • While downloading make sure that the app is from a credible publisher or a repeated company that you know about.
  • While downloading make sure that the app is marked and verified by google.
  • While downloading make sure you are downloading this app from a reputed app store and not from a website that hardly anyone knows about.
  • Do not download apps that claim to give you free money. Even the world’s richest people do not give away free money. How anyone else can give free money?
  • Do not download by just seeing an advertisement or by getting a review from handful posts on social media,

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