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Our lifestyle and work schedules have shifted dramatically in the previous year and a half. Our physical movements have been restricted as a result of the lockdowns and travel restrictions, which have had a direct impact on our health. As we adjust to the new normal, many have begun to invest in fitness trackers based on their budgets in order to assist them to get back in shape. As a result, the number of fitness wearables sold has increased dramatically in recent years. This article will help you choose from one of the best fitness tracker to buy in India

This is because, in India, we’re seeing a lot more appealing budget smartwatches with a variety of fitness and health-related functions. A fitness tracker can now do more than just keep track of how many steps you’ve completed. While most of them have heart rate monitors, a few of them also include SpO2 monitors, which help you keep track of your body’s blood oxygen levels. Aside from these two capabilities, some trackers include a variety of fitness monitoring modes, such as indoor and outdoor activities, as well as swim tracking.

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This list includes fitness bands that are slim and practically inconspicuous when worn, as well as watch-shaped gadgets that mimic the functionality of a smartwatch. Wearables from Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, Amazfit, and more well-known manufacturers are available.

Disclaimer: The trackers listed here are not in order of best to worst.

1. Realme Watch S Pro

The Realme Watch S Pro, which costs Rs. 9,999, is Realme’s first smartwatch-styled fitness tracker with built-in GPS. It sports a huge circular dial that is 46mm in diameter. It goes up against the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve, a large watch-style tracker. The Realme Watch S Pro is well-made and works with both Android and iOS devices. It can monitor your steps, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and sleep.

The device allows you to customize the measurement interval, and the heart rate tracking is accurate. Similarly, the results of SpO2 monitoring are within safe ranges. You can’t take incoming calls on the Realme Watch S Pro since it lacks a microphone and speaker, as you can with a full-fledged wristwatch. When we tried the in-built GPS, it took a long time to establish a connection.

2. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is the newest member of the Mi Band family at Rs. 3,499. The Mi Smart Band 6 is a low-cost fitness tracker that is fairly accurate across a variety of criteria. Steps, distance, heart rate, and even SpO2 levels may all be tracked. The Mi Smart Band 6’s standout feature is blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring. It even works while you’re sleeping if you activate it.

The Mi Smart Band 6 is compact and light enough to be worn all day, even to bed. It also keeps track of your sleep, recording when you went to bed and when you awoke. On your wrist, the Mi Smart Band 6 can inform you of incoming calls and texts. The battery life is significantly lower than the Mi Band 5, but depending on which functions you enable, it may still last for 8-10 days on a single charge. It’s easy to charge this fitness band using a magnetic charger, and it just takes a little over an hour.

3. Redmi Watch

For those searching for a watch-style fitness tracker, the Redmi Watch is a solid option at just Rs. 3,999. It’s inexpensive, and you may choose from a variety of dial and strap colors. This square-shaped watch is larger than other fitness bands, making it ideal for individuals who like a larger display. The Redmi Watch can notify you of incoming calls and texts. Different workouts may be recognized by the Redmi Watch.

The heart rate and sleep tracking are both accurate. The step tracking is also quite good, with a very small margin of error when it was tried. The Redmi Watch lacks the ability to monitor SpO2 levels, which may be a deal-breaker for some customers. The Redmi Watch is 35g in weight and has a 230mAh battery. It can be used with either an Android or an iPhone without any problems. With the help of its built-in sensors, it can measure workouts and other parameters.

4. Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve Active

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve Active is a fitness-focused variant of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve. This smartphone features a circular AMOLED display and only comes in one casing size. The casing is constructed of fiber-reinforced polyamide, which makes it light and robust while yet feeling plasticky. Using an app, you may link the Mi Watch Revolve Active with an Android or iPhone.

This device can display alerts and incoming calls, as well as to measure other health data. SpO2 tracking is also included on the Watch Revolve Active, which is not available on the Mi Watch Revolve. In terms of fitness monitoring, the Mi Watch Revolve Active does a good job at measuring steps and distance, as well as sleep and SpO2 levels. It also supports Alexa, which is useful if you want a virtual assistant on your wrist.

5. Realme Watch 2 Pro

The Realme Watch 2 Pro is larger than the Redmi Watch in both size and price. It boasts a big 390mAh battery and a 1.75-inch display with a peak brightness of 600 nits. The Realme Watch 2 Pro can measure steps, heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and workouts when coupled with an Android or iOS mobile.

The Realme Watch 2 Pro can track sleep, heart rate, and SpO2 quite reliably, but not so much for step and distance monitoring. The Realme Watch 2 Pro’s battery life is excellent, that can last eight days. With the included magnetic charger, charging is quick and simple.

6. OnePlus Band

The OnePlus Band was the company’s first fitness band, and it was one of the first to have a SpO2 sensor at just Rs. 2,499. When tested, the OnePlus Band had a 1.1-inch AMOLED display and could only be linked with Android devices. It has an IP68 rating and can withstand pressures of up to 5ATM. It’s also quite light and goes unnoticed when worn.

OnePlus Band accurately can measure heart rate, SpO2, and sleep monitoring. The OnePlus band’s step and distance tracking are somewhat wrong, with these data being underreported. In comparison to the Mi Smart Band 6, the OnePlus Band has a smaller battery and has shorter battery life. It can last up to six days, although it can be completely recharged in an hour using the magnetic charger.

7. Amazfit GTS 3

The Amazfit GTS 3 is the most recent fitness wearable on this list, and it builds on the GTS 2’s popularity. Instead of a push button, this new wearable includes a navigation crown, which can be useful. It sports a rectangular casing with rounded sides and a large 1.75-inch AMOLED display. This wearable, like the other watch-style wearables on the list, can measure numerous fitness indicators, including SpO2.

The Zepp App may be used to link it with both an Android and an iOS smartphone. It can also properly measure your steps, distance, SpO2, and heart rate. Sleep monitoring, on the other hand, isn’t the finest. Depending on the functions you select, the Amazfit GTS 3’s battery may last anywhere from three to five days on a single charge.

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