Moto G 3rd gen Spotted Online On Flipkart

Moto G was the flagship series of the legendary mobile and telecommunication company Motorola. Moto G series instantly became a hit and become a massive success for the company. The feedback from one of the first customers of the Moto G series is still worth hearing. They will not get tired of bragging that how good that device was at that time when most of the market is busy making just copies of one another. The second week of 2015 May, Moto G 3rd gen Spotted on the Indian Ecommerce Giant Flipkart. Needless to say that the pics were posted for upcoming sale from Flipkart.

As we all knew that, Motorola became a massive hit in the Indian market itself. The Indian market is already flooded by cheap copies from China of many decent mobile phones, but Motorola gathered the attention of serious buyers even with its first model. The graph of Motorola’s success is on a rise since then, and people are still buying this smartphone.

Moto G 3rd gen Spotted on Flipkart came as a shock for the Indian buyers as there was no per announcement made from the company about the release of their latest device on the Flipkart. But this also increased the thrill for the upcoming device and might interest a lot of buyers. Needless to say that Motorola is sitting in Top 5 mobile selling Brands in India.

The leak of the device pics came at the time when the competition for the mid-budget devices in India is at its peak and every company from the Top 5 is trying to make an alternative for the buyers and increase their market share and profitability. We also know that the Moto G 2nd gen got a price cut of almost 2k rupees, which can be a sign of a new device launch.

Moto G 3rd gen Spotted Specs

  • 1.7 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 610 SoC
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 5 or 5.2 inch 1080p display
  • 4G LTE

Currently, we are keeping a close watch on this device and will update you about the progress really soon.

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