Micromax Yu’s First Device Leaked Just Before Revealing!

Micromax Yu was teasing the potential buyers for a long time on their Facebook page and their official forum. They were also organizing a competition to build the hype among the Indian Buyers about their new device. The device was getting a lot of attention, but before the official launch of the device, photos got leaked on the internet which will affect the device launch for sure. But it is still undecided which way this will affect the device launch. This leak might kill the anticipation of the device, or it may fuel it even further. It might result in storming sales after Micromax Yu’s First Device Leaked photos.

Micromax Yu is looking cool in the leaked photos, but according to some experts, this new device is just a re-branding of a Chinese Phone. Experts are saying that Micromax Yu is just a re-branded version of the Chinese Coolpad F2.

More Facts About Coolpad F2

Coolpad Great God F2 is the full name of Coolpad F2. There are two models of Coolpad F2, one powered by MediaTek 1.7Ghz MT6592 octa-core SoC and the one powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. The other one is called to be launched as Micromax Yu and the rumours about the Micromax Yu has a 64-bit processor also seems coinciding.

It can be said that Micromax Yu will carry a MT6795 SoC processor and the MT6795 is a true octa-core processor which will be an upgrade from the Coolpad F2. Micromax Yu is looking like just another Coolpad F2 mobile that is re-branded to market in the Indian market. But it will be fascinating to see how the Indian buyers will react to this device after knowing that it is a rebranded product and not a genuine one. Gadgetraid will keep a close eye on the launch of this device as well as the sales of Micromax Yu’s First Device Leaked

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