How to use Siri on iPhone?

Do you get a new iPhone for yourself? This article on How to use Siri on iPhone will surely help you with your new AI assistant. This article covers how to use Siri on iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13.

Siri is a convenient method to get things done quickly. Siri can help you translate words, set an alarm, discover a location, check the weather, and more.

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Set up Siri

  • Go to Siri & Search > Settings > Siri & Search.
  • If you want to activate Siri with your voice, turn on Listen for “Hey Siri.”
  • If you wish to activate Siri using a button, go to Settings > Siri > Press Side Button for Siri (on an iPhone with Face ID) or Press Home for Siri (on an iPhone without Face ID) (on an iPhone with a Home button).

Siri can be triggered in the following ways:

  • Hold the Side button down for a few seconds (or the Home button on older devices).
  • Say “Hey Siri”.
  • Use an AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max Bluetooth headset.

Use your voice to activate Siri

1. Ask Siri a question or have her complete a job for you by saying “Hey Siri.”

2. Say “Hey Siri” or press the Listen button to ask Siri another question or complete an activity.

3. While wearing compatible AirPods, you may also activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri.”

Activate Siri with a button

When you engage Siri with a button, when your iPhone is in quiet mode, Siri answers silently. Siri responds out loud when quiet mode is turned off. Change how Siri replies to learn how to do so.

1. Choose one of the following options:

  • Press and hold the side button on an iPhone with a Face ID.
  • Press and hold the Home button on an iPhone with a Home button.
  • Press and hold the center or call button on the EarPods.
  • CarPlay: Touch and hold the Home button on the CarPlay Home screen, or press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel. (For more information, see Using Siri to Control CarPlay.)
  • Eyes Free Siri: Hold down the voice command button on your steering wheel for a few seconds.

2. When Siri appears, ask her a question or request that she complete a job for you.

3. Tap the Listen button to ask Siri another question or do another activity.

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