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Krafton’s new battle royale game PUBG: New State is now ready to download in India through the Play Store, as an early morning surprise for Android users. The game was intended to go live at 9:30 a.m. on both the Play Store and the App Store.

PUBG: New State is a 2051-set future battle royale game that promises to deliver a comparable gameplay experience as PUBG: Battlegrounds on PC and platforms. The gunplay and game mechanics will be on par with the PC version, according to the studio. This version is based on a futuristic reimagining of traditional maps and gameplay components.

PUBG New State is the follow-up to PUBG Mobile, one of the most well-known “battle royale” games in the market and a genuine benchmark for Android gaming. The game claims to stay true to the essence of the original while also adding a new location, additional game options, more interactive settings, and improved visuals. In other words, it will be a complete sequel.

How to download PUBG: New State

The procedure is simple. If you’re using an Android device, go to the Google Play Store and search for PUBG New State. If you have pre-registered for the game, a message will appear in the Play Store prompting you to download it. On iOS, browse to the App Store and search for PUBG New State. Those who chose pre-registration will get an email notification. The game is now only accessible for Android users, but it is anticipated to be available for Apple users shortly.

According to Krafton, PUBG: New State will be playable on Android devices with 2GB of RAM or more and Android 6.0 or above. On iOS, the game will operate on iPhone 6S and later smartphones running iOS 13 or later. You will be required to download a tiny file of roughly 230 megabytes once you have downloaded the game.

The New State story

The year 2051 is the setting for New State, which allows players to go into the future from the original PUBG Mobile game. It’s based in the same world as PUBG Mobile, but this game is essentially a development of the original Battlegrounds, enabling players to experience what occurs in the future while blending modern and classic aspects.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Troi, which is located just outside of Lansing, Michigan. It’s a brand-new map for PUBG fans. Behind the scenes of the game, Krafton has woven a tale in which civic society has broken down and fragmented into groups. That’s when the hunters show up, and Troi devolves into anarchy, which is where the players discover the treasure.

The game’s futuristic scenario allows it to leverage a post-apocalyptic landscape, as well as a near-future take on the world, so everything is recognizable yet new enough to be fascinating. That means you’ll have access to futuristic vehicles and weaponry, but it won’t be so far in the future that it becomes sci-fi. New State, on the other hand, is designed to be relatable.

It’s primarily a battle royale game, but there will be more game types and linkages to the rest of the PUBG world, which will be added to the game via updates. There’s a schedule for updates, as well as a season system with levels and enough to do. Although you may play battle royale solo, the game is built for co-op and squad-based play. It will be playable in either the first or third person.


At the debut, there will be four maps, with Troi serving as the primary map. Troi will be an 8x8km map, the same size as Erangel, therefore it will be rather large. On this map, there are a variety of locales fusing open space and urban areas, with most of them in some state of degradation. There are retail malls, a stadium, bridges, residences, and much more, as well as ten landmarks strewn across the map.

However, that isn’t the only map you’ll receive. Because Erangel, a PUBG classic, will also be accessible. This is an 8×8 map, however, it will be different from the one in PUBG Mobile – it will be the same map 30 years later. That means it will have deteriorated and will be in ruins, and you will be playing on a landscape that has been ravaged by battle royale games.

A map named Station will also be included. This is a tiny, contained terrain for 4v4 Deathmatch, one of the game types, which is similar to what you’d see in multiplayer FPS games. Traditional game types will coexist with battle royale in New State, but the specifics have yet to be established. Finally, a training map will allow you to put your weaponry to the test.


Krafton has made it clear that it intends to push the boundaries of mobile gaming by employing Global Illumination rendering for improved realism and intensity. It’ll also work with Vulkam, Metal, and Open GL APIs, according to the company. It aims to be the “most realistic battle royale experience on mobile,” according to Krafton. According to the company, this is an update of the original Battlefields PC game, with the goal of having gunplay more akin to that of PC games. That’s part of what it means to move beyond what has previously been seen on mobile devices.

The self-destructive atmosphere will be one component of this. You’ll be able to do stuff like run over fire hydrants, splash water all over the area, shoot the doors of vehicles, shoot through cover, and so on, all designed to make things more realistic. In pre-launch interviews, Krafton refused to disclose frame rates but did indicate that high frame rates were necessary for a smooth game, thus we’d anticipate it to run at 120Hz or even 144Hz for the few devices that allow it. Around the game, there’s a lot of conversation regarding optimization.

Weapons and customization

In New State, a wide choice of weaponry will be available, including both contemporary and historic weapons. While PUBG Mobile enables you to customize your weapons with numerous aspects, it doesn’t go as far as Call of Duty: Mobile’s Gunsmith mode, which allows for extensive customization. Every weapon in Additional State may be customized, and updates will include new possibilities so you can keep evolving your favorites.

Drone store and reinforcements

One of the most important functions that drones will play is replenishment. On the map, you’ll be able to collect Drone Credits and then summon a resupply drone to provide the items you need. If you’re in a group, you’ll be able to pool your credits to purchase larger products. Your enemies, on the other hand, will be able to identify those drones, leading them straight to you – and they may be shot down, allowing someone else to loot your cargo, so you’ll have to think strategically about how you deploy them.

New vehicles

Some of the cars are familiar from PUBG: M, although they have a more futuristic illumination. The year 2051 appears to be a sea of blue neon, with electric cars guaranteed for quiet driving, but you’ll still be able to get behind the wheel of a loud motorcycle. There will be lots of electric vehicles, which will provide you with extremely quick acceleration – as electric cars are renowned for – but the charge will deplete faster when you leave the game area, i.e. when you enter the blue zone. Cars will also feature a trunk, allowing you to carry more weapons in them.


In PUBG New State, there will be a season structure. There will be an eight-tiered tier system for you to play through. To begin with, when the game starts, everyone will be in pre-season mode. Each season will last two months, after which there will be a soft reset in which you will be relegated to the lower ranks and begin anew. Those in the top levels will be able to compete in a tournament at the conclusion of the season to win significant prizes – although it hasn’t been specified what these prizes would be, we presume they will be in-game things.

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