How to Backup iPhone

Do you have an iPhone and you are searching for query backup iPhone, well we got you covered? This article will try to answer lots of questions about How to back up an iPhone. Backups are usually created to create another copy of your data which will help you in the scenario of buying a new device, theft of the old device. It gives the user a certainty that the data will remain with him in every case.

Anyone can back up iPhone data by using different methods like back up iPhone using iCloud, back up iPhone using your Mac device, Backup iPhone using your Windows device. Except that this article will try to answer more similar queries regarding iPhone backup.

How to backup iPhone to iCloud?

If you want to back up your iPhone device using Apple iCloud, then it will be the easiest way for you. You just need to follow these steps to back up your device with iCloud.

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to your name.
  • Go to iCloud and tap on iCloud Backup.
  • Turn on iCloud Backup
  • For a manual back up, tap back up now.

iCloud will create your backup in iCloud. However, iPhone also supports an auto-backup feature for which you have to turn on your iCloud Backup feature and when your device will be on charging + locked + connected to Wi-Fi your iPhone will automatically create a backup for you.

How to view your iCloud Backup?

If you recently created a backup or your iPhone device created an auto-backup for you. You can check that backup by following these steps.

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to your name.
  • Go to iCloud.
  • Go to Manage Storage.
  • Go to Backups.

How to delete your iCloud Backup?

If you want to delete your iCloud backup created by you, or by your device, then you have to first view your backup. For viewing your backup, you can follow the steps given above. To delete a backup you can follow the below steps.

  • Follow all the steps given in the How to view your iCloud Backup to view your backup list.
  • Select a backup from the list of backups to delete it
  • Tap delete backup.

How to backup iPhone to Mac?

If you do not want to back up your device in iCloud which is by far the easiest and most preferred way for iPhone backup then you can choose How to backup iPhone to MacBook. You can follow the steps given below to backup your iPhone using a Mac computer using Finder.

  • Connect your iPhone device with your Mac computer with a Cable.
  • In the Sidebar Finder on your Mac, you will see the name of your device.
  • Select your device.
  • Click on General on the top of the Finder Window.
  • Select “Backup all the data on your iPhone to this Mac”.
  • If you want to give your backup data an extra layer of security. You can encrypt the Mac Backup of the data. You can do so by While following the procedure you will see “Encrypt local Backup”. Clicking on it will keep your data safe. This step is highly recommended if your Mac system is used by other persons in house or by friends. Do not put your data at the risk.
  • Click on “Back up now”.

How to back up iPhone using iTunes.

If you do not macOS 10.15, or later, you cannot back up your data using Finder. In that case, you have to use the old methods of backing up data using iTunes. iTunes can automatically back up your data when you will connect to your Mac, but a manual process can also be followed, which is given below.

  • Connect your iPhone with a known Mac (a Mac with which iPhone was connected several times).
  • Open iTunes App on your Mac. You will notice a new button in the shape of a smartphone on the top left of iTunes.
  • Click that smartphone button.
  • Click on Summary.
  • . Below backups, you will notice a button for “Back up now”. Click on that button.

How to backup iPhone on Windows computer?

If you do not have a Mac device, then this will be your only choice left to create a backup of your data. You can back up the iPhone on any computer using the steps given below.

  • Connect your iPhone device with the computer using a cable.
  • You need to download the iTunes App, which is easily available on Windows store.
  • Open the iTunes App and click on the device button near the top left of iTunes.
  • Click that device button.
  • Click on summary.
  • Click on “Back up now”

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