iPhone 14 to launch with 2 TB storage option

Apple recently launched the iPhone 13 and iOS 15, but the rumours for the next iPhone already started building up. Technically we are a year away from the launch of the next iPhone. But the news and buzz about the next generation of the iPhone are already building on the internet. Recently a very interesting rumour came on the internet claiming that the storage in iPhone will be greater than any of its previous versions. iPhone 14 to launch with 2 TB storage, that is what the rumour says about the next iPhone.

If the rumours turn out to be true, then the next device from Apple will house mammoth storage in it, which might change the weight of the new iPhone 14 with few grams and this storage of 2 Tb will be double of the previous version of the iPhone like iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max. None of the previous versions of the iPhone ever tried anything above 1 TB of storage, but if iPhone 14 to launch with 2 TB storage, then it will be an amazing feature and boost the camera video storage capability of the iPhone 14.

The source does not give specifications about which variant or model of the iPhone might have the 2 TB of storage, but if this happens, then it is certain that those models will be either Pro or Pro max. Currently, iPhone is available with the 1 TB of maximum storage which is getting filled because of the amazing quality 4K videos shot on the iPhone camera. 2 TB of storage will surely help in this scenario and will give freedom to the user to use and record more of the 4K videos using its Apple iPhone, but there is one factor which might affect the decision more than anything and that is the iCloud storage. As we know, that iCloud storage is made available to the user for a monthly subscription fee. If an iPhone comes with a big memory of 2 TB, then it will surely hit the iCloud subscription market, which is pretty big. We have never seen Apple making a loss-making decision and this is not a loss-making, but it will surely dent the profit of the company.

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