iOS 15.0.1 update Apple bug fix for iPhone 13

Tech giant Apple issued an update in its operating system iOS a few weeks after the launch of iPhone 13 and iOS 15. The update comes was really quick, so it was certain that the update is not to add something new but to repair something existing. On Friday, October 01, 2021, Apple rolled out an update in the form of iOS 15.0.1 and iPadOS 15.0.1 for all of its compatible iPhone and iPad users. It was mostly to address the issues that were found in the iPhone 13 while functioning. It was to address that some users were not able to unlock their newly bought iPhone 13 with their Apple Watch. iOS 15.0.1 update could not be even addressed as an update as it is a minor fix only in iOS.

iOS 15.0.1 update came after the users addressed the bug in unlocking their iPhone 13. Apple’s iOS 15.0.1 update fixed the issue of unlocking their iPhone. Apple published a whole page on their website about this issue, which they addressed and released its fix. The bus that apple solve was that some users were not able to unlock their iPhone with the Apple Watch. The bug was showing users an error message while trying to unlock. The error message was ‘Unable to communicate with Apple Watch’ and this was happening specifically when the users were trying to unlock their phone while wearing a face mask. Some users were not able to set up Unlock with Apple Watch feature as well. Apple advised their user to turn off the feature until they roll out a fix and now with iOS 15.0.1 the bug is now fixed.

With this new update, Apple also addressed another issue where the device was showing an alert message if the iPhone’s storage is full. Another issue that was solved was Audio meditations could unexpectedly start a workout on Apple Watch for some Fitness+ subscribers. The iPad’s changelog shows that the bug has been fixed with this new update.

iOS 15 Update

Apple launched iOS 15 update on Monday, September 20, 2021. Several innovative features were seen with this new update of iOS 15. will cover all the necessary updates of iOS


Apple updates FaceTime and users will witness a better app this time.

Apple Message

Apple also changed the layout of one of the oldest Apple message app. This time, Apple message is designed to share stuff easily. Now if you share a music track in Messages then it will show up in Apple Music in a separate Shared with You section. This section will also be found in Safari, Apple News, Podcasts, Apple TV, photos.


This feature will activate only when the user will buy the iCloud. This will not be available if the user opts for free 5 GB of iCloud storage. But when the user will buy a monthly subscription for iCloud he/she will get access to all the iCloud+ features like Private Relay, hide my Email etcetera. iCloud+Private Relay is an amazing Privacy feature that is currently in beta, but it will connect to more networked in a more secure way.

Hide My Email

Hide my Email is another privacy feature for Apple users. Which gives you the power to hide your email address anywhere on the web. Apple will arrange a temporary email address that will transfer or forward the mail to your email address. This feature will help in the security of users, especially regarding credit cards and bills, where hackers will not get access to your email address to phis you.

HomeKit Secure video recording

It lets you connect to an unlimited number of security cameras and none of the video footage will lead back to your iCloud storage.


It is more like a do not disturb mode, but slightly elevated. It gives you control to choose the time, location and other specific ways to choose your notifications. You can plan your notifications.


This is one new and amazing feature that includes body language with everything from high-fives to yoga poses. It includes depicting clothing, headgear and glasses as well.


The weather app from Apple got new touch with a Dark Sky app and other granular details, The app will now feature a more realistic background and features like precipitation.


Maps also got updates in some selected cities like London, New York, LA and others. The app got an updated UI.


Safari got a major update where the user can choose where he wants to put his address bar. That means that the user now can choose whether they want the address bar at the top of the browser or at the bottom of the screen.

Live Text

This is a big update where you can translate the text in the camera into a language of your choice if needed. This update will be really useful for the travellers.

We will keep you updates about the more features and updates about Apple and iOS.

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